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Episode 11 – Six Things That Should Make You Go “Hmm”

What exactly makes a person go “hmm” in the midst of financial planning?

Sam and Koz begin today’s episode by answering a listener’s question about retirement planning, and then they move on to discuss six things that everyone should pay attention to in their financial planning.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should increase your life expectancy to 100 when creating your financial plan
  • What turnover looks like in your portfolio and why you should keep it a minimum
  • How hidden fees in some investment vehicles can increase your costs
  • Why relying on a single investment is a bad idea
  • What it means to have a tax-efficient strategy

Tune in to have your own “hmm” moments as you learn six things to watch out for in your financial plan.

Resources:  Financial Liberty Project | Phone number: 800-640-8105


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