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Episode 10 – The Science of Building a Portfolio

The process of building a portfolio isn’t like supergluing a model together. There is actually a science to it.

Today, Sam and Koz walk you through the metrics they use to build portfolios and explain what those metrics mean for you, as the investor.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the science of building a portfolio entails
  • What the water cooler mentality is and how it’s part of our human nature
  • Why some people find the science of portfolio-building difficult to understand
  • About each metric used to build portfolios and how they work individually
  • About the benefits of having these metrics in a portfolio

Tune in now to learn the science behind building a portfolio!

Resources:  Financial Liberty Project | Phone number: 800-640-8105


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Episode 9 – 7 Facts That Can Destroy Your Retirement Vision

According to statistics, retirement is not a life stage that many people are planning for.

Today, Sam Legaspi and Koz Tsukamoto discuss how people’s everyday choices can end up taking a bite out of their retirement vision. They also answer questions from workshop attendants about budgeting, pensions, and other not-so-obvious, but critical, retirement subjects.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Effective strategies to gain control of your expenses
  • Whether you can actually rely on your pension
  • The overlooked detail that you must keep in mind about your pension
  • How understanding the ever-changing financial rules can positively affect your retirement vision
  • What a financial soulmate is and the importance of having one
  • The benefits of downsizing during retirement
  • And a lot more!

Tune in to this lively episode with Sam and Koz and learn how to protect your retirement vision!

Resources:  The Financial Liberty Project | Phone number: 800-640-8105